Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your shop called Reefside Revival?

The business and I were both born in landlocked Tennessee, but I was raised on Okinawa. That little island off mainland Japan will always be home. Given that I'm selling handmade and vintage goods, but don't want to niche the business too much, I wanted the shop name to stay fairly ambiguous. Revival references the idea of giving vintage items a new life, and Reefside, along with being great alliteration, ties in that little personal touch. 

Where do your handmade goods come from?

I make all handmade and upcycled items myself, in my home. For those with allergies, it is worth noting that I do have 3 cats, but all washable items are laundered after production and placed in closed storage out of paw's reach. They do live here too, though, so a stray fur is not out of the question. 

Where do your vintage items come from?

Most are acquired through a collaboration with A Thrifty Notion, which is an online fabric and notions store that sells deadstock and secondhand items. When they receive large donations, they sometimes get vintage items that are outside their product range, so they sell those items to me!

In addition to that, I occasionally thrift an item or two with the intention of offering it here, and sometimes decide to pass on an item from my personal stash that is no longer serving me. I love thrifting, switching up my home decor, etc. so, I eventually find that I have more things than space to put them, and I pass along my treasures!